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Please note that Qatar Airways only sponsors passengers who hold confirmed 'Round Trip' tickets to the UAE.
* Once visa application is completed and applied on this website, there would be NO REFUND of VISA FEES.
  • Visa on arrival can be obtained by passengers from certain countries. Please click here for a list of the countries.

  • Qatar Airways is permitted to process UAE tourist visa applications for the following nationals.

  • Principal applicants need to qualify on the basis of any one of the following criteria:

    Criteria 1 - Travel Record

    (A) Applicant must have travelled to the UAE at least once in the last 3 years.

      Supporting Documents Required
    • Pages exhibiting the entry and exit stamps in to and out of the UAE.

    (B) Applicant must hold a valid visa for at least one of the following countries: The USA, The UK, Schengen Countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland or Japan.

      Supporting Documents Required
    • Pages exhibiting the evidence of valid visa in current or previous passport.

    Criteria 2 - Financial Record

    Principal applicant must submit a letter from his / her employer stating the salary / income, job title and duration of employment with the organization. Salary must be a minimum of AED 13800 per annum and must be supported by the last six months' bank statements from the account into which the salary / income is deposited OR if the principal applicant is self-employed, a copy of the Commercial Registration Certificate of the company is required as well as the last six month's bank statement showing a minimum balance of AED 34500.

      Supporting Documents Required
    • Scanned copies the letter of employment or income, Commercial Registration, bank statements as mentioned above.

    Criteria 3 - Spouse or Child qualifying on Husband/Father's eligibility criteria

    In case the spouse / child is travelling along with the principal applicant.

      Supporting Documents Required
    • NOC from Husband / Father (As Applicable) duly signed
    • Husband / Fathers Passport Copies
    • Any qualifying documents as mentioned above

      Travelling Alone? Minimum Age Restriction:
    • The minimum age requirement for passengers (male/ female) travelling alone to UAE is 25 years .
    • The age limit to obtain UAE visa through Qatar Airways is dictated by UAE immigration/ DNRD and is subject to change without prior notice or intimation.
    • Male/Female below 25 years need to apply and travel together with their mother for UAE visa.
    • If Applicant is over 70 years of age they need to travel with an immediate blood relative.

    • To check if one can apply for UAE visa please send an email to stating date of birth of the passenger and their nationality.
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