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As per the changes announced by immigration which is effective from 13th November, 2014 VISA Fee will be increased. for more info, please see Terms and Conditions.

You have been redirected from the Qatar Airways website to the IVS Global Private Limited (IVS) system to proceed with your UAE visa application. IVS is a leading provider of visa services around the world and has a commercial agreement with Qatar Airways for processing UAE visa applications.

IVS is solely responsible for the provision of UAE visa application services through its website and will also collect payment for your application. All enquiries regarding your visa application should be made directly to IVS. Please carefully check the terms and conditions on the IVS website.

By continuing to the online visa application website and submitting an application, you are allowing Qatar Airways to pass the information about your reservation with Qatar Airways to IVS that is necessary to complete your visa application.

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